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Crochet socks azone, obitsu, monstdoll size

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Ohw we love to have warm and cozy feet all year round🥰 That is why I love to style my girls with socks🧦 But fabric socks is something that everybody already has🙈 So that is why we created these very tiny crocheted socks🧦 They are crocheted in a way that you even get their feet inside your favourite shoe🥿

Our socks fit obitsu 22, pure neemo S, licca and similar 1/6 bodies. As well as monstdoll, holala and eat zongzi type of dolls❤️

It is made 100% by hand, with high quality materials, in a smoke free environment, to ensure the best result. Items and dolls used as props in photographs are not included.

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